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After school club - I -Brick Lego workshop

10 weeks from 4th May till 15th July (excluding holidays) £160

Wednesdays 4.30-6 pm starting 4th May 2022
Fridays 4.30-6 pm starting 6th May 2022

From 6-11 yrs old

Limited availability. Book now on-line

Children will have an unforgettable experience of 1hr 30min using unique I-Brick LEGO kit which will help to study physics,build amazing models, most important to play with LEGO. 



First week - Dragster
We'll learn about energy, its different forms, how we convert between them and test it all by building and racing your own race car!

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Week 2 - carousel
We’ll get to know what is centrifugal force and where we face it in our day-to-day lives.
Then we will test it for ourselves using a Lego merry go round!

Week 3 - Marble maze
This week we are going to test your creativity!
We’ll learn about mazes and explore a few methods of solving them, our model will be a marble maze you’ll design on your own!

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Week 4 - Gyroscope

Let’s do some LEGO magic!
In this session, we’ll learn about gyroscopes, inertia and create a spinning top that never tips over!

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Week 5 - Worm
In this lesson we are going to visit the animal kingdom, meeting an animal you might not be excited to meet unless it was made out of lego!
We’ll learn about worms, how they function and how they move and to best understand we’ll create our own LEGO worm!
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Week 6 - Helicopter
After exploring the world around us, we are going to fly high and look at it all from above!
Building our own helicopter and learning all about these amazing aircraft.

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Week 7 - Tank
Who wants a tank?
In this week’s session, we will learn all about these amazing inventions, how they started as a secret development of the English army, and how they attack and defend!
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Week 8 - Arcade game
Ever been to an arcade?
This session will be all about video games, we’ll learn about their evolution and you’ll get to invent your own arcade game!

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Week 9 - Catapult
Let’s go back to medieval times! We’ll get to know the weapons that were used in the old days, learn about sieges and build our own siege weapon!

Week 10 - 4X4 jeep
For our big and final lesson we are going on an adventure!
We will learn all about off-road vehicles and build the ultimate 4X4 jeep that can tackle any terrain! 
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