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Laser Party (Cold Food) (cold food)

Only £30.50 per person

Number of children

Total price from £488.00

The most exciting party your child will ever host, with team battles in the play system (no projectiles or body armour).  The laser guns are light, safe and easy to operate – the only thing the children will need is determination, stamina and a competitive nature!
Individual and team scores will be available to view throughout the party.

Min from 16 and max 28 children

Off Peak Mon-Thu £24 per chidl
Peak       Fri- Sun  £30.50 per child

What's included:
60 min of team battles in the play system
30 min food

Party room
Cold food, drink, tableware,party hats
Party hats
Birthday throne

The Laser game is played when we are closed to the general public 

Monday & Tuesday 4.30 to 6pm (access from 4pm)

Wednesday to Friday 5.30 to 7pm

Saturday 6pm to 7.30pm

Sunday 6pm to 7.30pm
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